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Audio visualizer


I've been lately experimenting with audio stuff, mainly visualizing audio data with ascii here:

It's a bit clunky, so I decided to do a proper web based tool. I also put it in git pages so it can be used here:



Here's some clips

0 Hz -> 20 KHz audio sweep

Setup for Github pages

It's pure html/css/js page, so it can be used by simply opening the .html locally, but I decied to just host it with Github pages

# Add the .html and .js to a GitHub repo and publish:
Repo -> Settings -> Pages -> Deploy from a branch
Branch -> main -> / (root)

# Access the tool


I put some control in there because some songs/audio and audio devices output varying data, so they can be adjusted here. Basically there's a scalar value for amplitude/ how much the height varies ( sensitivity buttons ).

And also just to increase/decrease the bar height statically ( height buttons ), this will just + or - the bar height.


There's all kinds of variables to adjust that could potentially be but in a settings menu. Like the resolution of the graph and the spectrum width ( Hz ).