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Home assistant

# Setup vpn:
1. Search for the “WireGuard” add-on in the add-on store and install it.
2. Set the host configuration option to your (external) address, e.g.,
3. Change the name of the peer to something useful, e.g., raspi.
4. Add "port:22" option to config
5. Save the configuration.
6. Start the “WireGuard” add-on
7. Check the logs of the “WireGuard” add-on to see if everything went well.
8. Forward port 51820 (UDP!) in your router to your 749IP.
9. Download/Open the file /ssl/wireguard/myphone/qrcode.png stored on your 749machine, e.g., using WinSCP ( user: root )
10. Install the WireGuard app on your phone.
11. Add a new WireGuard connection to your phone, by scanning the QR code.
12. Connect!
Enable wake on lan on Windows
Win + R -> ncpa.cpl -> "Ethernet 3" ( change based on your adapter ) -> Properties -> Advanced -> Wake on lan magic packet -> Enable
## When nothing works:
# On the actual device's emergency shell, run:
docker restart homeassistant
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System status page