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Home Assistant

What is this?

Some pictures of my old Home Assistant setup that I spent some time to setup. I have moved since and only setup a few sensor to my new home for a brief testing of the ventilation of this place.

However I'm planning on moving the Home Assistant setup to my garage, it will be more useful there. Also it has a simple Wireguard setup so I can connect to the garage LAN and monitor/control things remotely.



I have a Raspberry pi 3 running the home assistant distro. Raspberry pi has ConBee2 ( Zigbee ) USB gateway connected. So the current home assistant setup detects devices from WLAN, LAN and Zigbee.

It has, or at least had these devices connected: - Power outlets to control - Lamps and christmas lights - Temperature/Humidity sensors - Water leak sensor - Movement detector - LG TV - Roomba - Control panel tablet - Desktop PC

I had also setup wake on lan so I could use Wireguard VPN to connect to the home network and power on my PC from the home assistant control panel.


Current state. Here most of the sensors are turned off since I moved recently. home assistant current

Older picture with more devices online home assistant online

Temperature sensor graphs home assistant graph

I setup this old Android tablet as a control panel home assistant wall

Setting up home assistant and testing some weather cards home assistant testing

Testing some christmas light automations home assistant automations