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OSD3358 Linux

This is a project I made some time ago.

Board finished Board rev. v1.

Almost finished board straight out of a reflow oven. USB host port and Click board-header connectors still missing, will hand solder them later on.

Board was developed from scratch following Octavo Systems reference design. Multiple components were not available for ordering so it was not possible to just download their board design files and order the boards and components.

Board specs

  • Octavo Systems SiP ( System In Package OSD3358 ) containing:
  • TI AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz
  • 512MB DDR3 Main memory
  • TPS65217 Power management IC
  • TL5209 Low-dropout voltage regulator
  • 100+ passive components
  • 64GB eMMC ( AM335x supporting only 32GB at the moment )
  • SD card slot
  • USB-A host port
  • Micro-USB client port
  • Some buttons and LEDs
  • BeagleBone Debian 10.03 ( with modified u-boot to be able to boot it on the custom board. )

After reflow soldering, under a magnifying glass

Board finished

Board preview in EAGLE

Board preview

Board layout in EAGLE

  • 4 layer board
  • 3V3 and GND layers hidden.
  • RED = top signal layer
  • BLUE = bottom signal layer. EAGLE

Board manufacturing process

Ordering process was easy from They have this detailed process log. Manufacturing

You can also view videos of each step of the process which was interesting. Manufacturing

Bottom side of the board

Bottom side

Top side of the board without components

Top side

Board taped down to hold it in place

Board taped to the desk

Board stencil

Board stencil

About to spread some solder paste

Solder paste

Spreading the solder paste on to the board

Spreading solder paste

Solder paste spread on to the board

Picture taken through a magnifying glass. Solder paste on board

Some of the components used in the board


All the components placed, before reflowing

Components placed

Reflowing the board

Custom reflow controller board controlling 4 x 230V infrared heating elements through a 3v DC -> 230V AC SSR ( Solid State Relay ). Temperature is read through a K-type thermocouple connected to MAX31855 thermocouple-to-digital IC. Reflow oven

Testing reflow oven temperature plot

  • ORANGE line = target temperature
  • BLUE line = actual temperature. Temperature plot

Debugging linux not booting up issue

U-boot not recognizing the board ID because the EEPROM is empty. I had to skip the EEPROM board ID check on u-boot and re-build it. Debugging

Building u-boot and linux kernel in the middle of the night

Build U-boot

Linux booting up for the first time

Linux booting up