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OpenGL experiments

I was doing this OpenGL course on Udemy a while ago and here is the progress so far.

Got a window open.

Had to setup first:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • GLEW ( OpenGL Extension Wrangler )
  • GLFW ( OpenGL FrameWork )
  • Code to init GLEW and GLFW

Window open

Got a triangle to the screen 😀


Triangle moving

Triangle moving


Triangle got some color and a z axis. The image looks a bit weird on this one.


Camera, keyboard and mouse control added.



Texture loading done using stb_image.h loader. Also forgot to mention earlier that I'm using math library called glm.


Got some lights going on. - Directional lights - Ambient lighting - Diffuse lighting - Specular lighting - Point lights

Spotlight following a camera.

Model importing

Random models from

Orgrimmar from World of Warcraft